Experimental Economics

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Experimental Economics (published by PT Gramedia) and other related materials. 

  Related to Chap-1 & 9. Behavioral Economics            Video_BE
  Chap 1-3. Experimental Economics       Video_EE
                    Experimental Economics in Indonesia _BJ- 22 Sep 2012
Chap 1. Introduction (under construction)
Chap 2. Experimental Design in Economics (under construction)
Chap 3. Experiment for 3 Market Transactions       Video
Chap 4. Experiment on Determinants of Taxpayer Compliance
Chap 5. Experiment of Influential Factors on the Banking Performance (under construction)
Chap 6. Experiment on Strategies to Improve Irrigation Efficiency with the SRI method (under construction)
Chap 7. Experiment on the Denomination Effect
           Department Of Economics-FEM-IPB, Laboratory of Economics: Research on Denomination Effect Through  Experimental Approach
Chap 8. Experiment on the Redenomination Effect
Chap 9. Experiments on the Application of Nudge Theory in Public Problems      Video 
           Student Assignments (Videos):  Group-1   Group-2

Experiment on Tax Compliance in Tax Amnesty Policy presented in the International Economic Association (IEA) Online World Congress (6 July 2021) in a session of "Evidence Based Policies In Indonesia: Behavioral Economics And Experimental Approach"


Materi Pelatihan:  Eksperimen dlm Kajian Ekonomi & Analisisnya 
Silabus Workshop Exp-Ec
CV of Prof BJ in Pictures. It should be presented in big screen while the brief CV was being read by the Dean of Faculty of Economics and Management IPB.

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