Rural Development Theory And Policy

Please click the link below to download my RDTP lecture powerpoint (ppt). The main textbooks used are Todaro-Smith and other textbooks. Visitors can also use ppt from these textbooks. I inserted a few slides related to the Indonesian context and our researchs.

Chap1. Introduction                Video-1
Chap2. Common Characteristics of DC, Regional, & Rural-Urban      Video-2
Chap3. Rostow & Harrod-Domar Growth Models            Video-3
Chap4. Structural-Change model                                         Video-4
Chap5. Growth Theory (Neo Classical, Endogenous, Inclusive, Sustainable)   Video-5
Chap6. Poverty & Inequality               Video-6
Chap7. Regional Autonomy & Fiscal Decentralization           Video-7
Chap8. Policy Instruments of Fiscal Decentralization           Video-8
Chap9. Quality Spending               Video-9
Chap10. Fiscal Transfer Effect and Regional Proliferation Study         Video-10
Chap11. APBDes & Reformulasi DT                      Video-11



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